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Datasets API

A simple, powerful way to access your most important data with Geckoboard

Get data from any source

The Datasets API is a simple yet highly flexible way of getting your data from a database or third-party service onto your Geckoboard.

With a single dataset you’ll be able to create any number of widgets from within the Geckoboard application. These widgets can be built to visualise your KPIs for your team to view on your Dashboard.

Simple but powerful data structure

Datasets are best thought of as tables. Here’s an example:

date number_of_sales value_of_sales
2016-03-07 228 $182
2016-03-08 169 $296
2016-03-09 163 $25

Your dataset’s schema will let Geckoboard know what form your data takes. You can include up to 10 different fields in a dataset, so one dataset can easily power a whole dashboard.

A well thought-through schema will make it much easier to configure your widgets when it comes to adding them to your Geckoboard. We’ll look at your schema and present the options that make sense for the types of data you’re sending us.

Multiple widgets from the same dataset

It’s easy to configure widgets powered by datasets with our intuitive UI. Geckoboard can handle data aggregation and grouping, so there’s no need to pre-aggregate your data.

When an update is received via the API, all the widgets powered by that dataset are updated automatically.

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