Getting started with Datasets

Welcome to Geckoboard's Datasets API – a simple yet highly flexible way of building live TV dashboards from data in third-party toolsdatabases and in-house systems.

Use the tabs to switch the programming language of the code examples. We provide examples in cURL, Node.js, Ruby, and Python, but you can use any programming language of your choice.

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Whether you have a question about the API, are looking for tips for configuring widgets or advice on which metrics to track, our Customer Success team is here and happy to help!

What is a dataset?

Datasets are best thought of as tables. Here’s an example:

Unit cost
money (USD)
Profit margin
Shipping date
Papayas $9 800K 55% 2018-03-07
Mangos $6.60 300K 48% 2018-03-14
Pineapples $5.60 250K 44% 2016-03-21

Your dataset’s schema defines the columns, of this table to let Geckoboard know what structure your data takes. You can include up to 10 different fields in a dataset, so one dataset can easily power a whole dashboard.

What's a field?

A field is a 'column' in spreadsheet terms. Structural, rather than referring to actual data. Has (at minimum) a name and a type.

A well thought-through schema will make it much easier to configure your widgets when it comes to adding them to your Geckoboard dashboard.

It’s important to note the relationship between the way you are able to visualize the dataset and the schema it uses.

When you’re adding a dataset widget to your dashboard, we’ll look at your schema and present the options that make sense for the types of data you’re sending us.


to plot a line chart the dataset must contain the date or datetime types.

Why use a dataset?

A dataset is particularly useful when you have specific sets of data that you want to display on a dashboard that can’t be accessed by the integrations Geckoboard currently support.

It’s also helpful if you want to get data from your own internal systems, or if you need to extend the functionality of one of our pre-built integrations.

Where to get help?

The Datasets API is designed for developers, engineers, or anyone else who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrating with APIs.

If you think you may need some help integrating with Datasets, you can reach out to our helpful Customer Success team.


Though we don't provide in-house development services, please ask about our partnership with Saasler, who can build datasets out of your data. For more information and pricing, download the PDF (3.8MB).

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